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approximately 8x10" fine art print on pearlescent paper.

Edition # 1-10


Eclosion: The biological act of emerging from a pupal case or hatching from an egg (the revealing of a butterflies transformation). 


This paintings eclosion process required a significantly longer incubation period than I expected. I began this painting merging out of a heavy time that brought both @chenoafourwind and I together. The slowness, has taught me though. Humility, and kindness to myself, to witness more closely and without expectation. Tricia Hersey of the Nap Ministry said in an interview (and in many other brilliant iterations): 


…rest through the guilt, take it slow, be aware, be aware that it's happening, and then start to go deeper into the wells of yourself to begin to see what could help to help you heal…this work is about listening and about connecting with the body.


Eclosion in its existence requires stillness. There is no emergence without it. If I’m a painter that paints one piece a year, that’s enough. If we only witness, that’s enough. 


(Thank you to my dad who provided incredible images of butterflies, witnessed at a Chicago habitat, that brought this painting to life)


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